7 Most Common Mistakes Lipstick Users Make


    Lipstick is a great beauty product. It nourishes and moisturizes your lips. Here the main thing is to know how to choose your best lipstick since formulas of this product vary a lot. There are a few things to bear in mind.

    1. Setting
      if you wish your lipstick to stay on your lips for hours without refreshing it, here are a few tricks for you. Firstly, you will need to apply lip liner and cover your lips with it. Next, apply a bit of primer and put on lip liner again. Only then can you apply your lipstick. It is good if you want to provide more staying power. Instead of primer and lip liner you can use translucent powder. It will not let the lipstick smudge.
    2. Undertone
      You can compare lipstick to foundation. It can greatly change your whole look. Ask for professional advice and pick the right shade. Darker shades might give you a vampy look. If that’s what you are looking for, go ahead! Decide what skin color is yours. It will influence whether you need warmer or cooler shades of lipstick. The undertone of the product is also essential. For instance, red lipstick is considered warm, but if your red gloss has a blue undertone, it won’t make you look beautiful if your skin tone is warm. Blue undertones are perfect for people with a pale complexion.
    3. Lip Gloss
      You might be the greatest lip gloss fan. That’s ok if you are happy with the final result. But the fact that you cannot deny is that lip gloss is rather messy. This product is sticky too and if the weather is windy, you should not use it. Most girls ignore this rule and use gloss since they want to plump up their lips. Of course lip gloss takes seconds to apply, which is another plus. Put on a very thin layer of your lip gloss and you’ll not suffer from stickiness and mess on your face and hands.
    4. Liner
      Lip liner should not be skipped. Women need it to help the lipstick attach to the lips better. Your lipstick will never slide and slip if you use liner before applying lipstick. Besides, lip liner should be used not only to outline your lips. You can cover your whole lips with the liner first and only then put on the lipstick. Then, even after eating foods and drinking beverages your lips will look great since there will not be any visible ring on the edges of your lips. Fill out all of your lips and make your lipstick more resistant!
    5. Overlining
      Girls may sometimes think that using a lip liner is not a must. Of course, this lip product can be skipped. But what if this is the main reason why your lipstick won’t look as good as you wish? There is another type of women who tend to overline their lips. We understand that fuller lips look sexier and more appealing, but if you overline your lips, you may look ridiculous. There are numerous tips and hints that can help you visually enlarge your narrow lips. The main point is to do it wisely and control how contrasting the line is. Use some concealer and blur the edges. Afterwards, use lip liner that is close to the shade of your natural lips. Practice a bit and find your best trick.
    6. Transferring
      It’s not really nice to see your lipstick on your teeth or clothes. However, this sort of beauty product can easily transfer. Fortunately, this issue is easy to resolve and fix. Use translucent powder on a regular basis. The powder will help your lipstick stay for many hours without transferring onto your teeth or outfit. Another thing to remember is to use liquid matte lipsticks. You may want to try out transfer-free formulas as well. It’s cool if you do not forget to blot the excess. A tissue is all you need to prevent lipstick from transferring.
    7. Chapstick
      If you are a regular lipstick user, you are recommended to use chapsticks as well as lip balms. There are a lot of brands of lipsticks that have a drying formula. If your lips are dry and not well moisturized, even a good lip gloss or lipstick will look bad on your lips. Apply a layer of lip balm before you apply your lipstick. Remember to cover your lips with balm after you remove your makeup. Let the balm penetrate and nourish your lips. Use different balms that have hydrating and nourishing components, vitamins and oils


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